On business

A few words on the Cause


I am a Photographer, I take pictures of Life in all its Manifestations and do not become attached to any particular Genre. I am interested in photography primarily from the artistic point of view, as an art that is able to subtly convey the diversity of our Reality.

Proceeding from this, I have no intention to offer you any conditional Services and how to embellish myself. My Portfolio is the best indicator of my creative activity. At the same time, of course, I sell my photos and shoot for Someone.

So, if you liked my photos, and did you have a desire to buy one of them, or get high-quality snapshots of your personal, family, business and social life? — You can always call me, or write, and we'll discuss everything, come to our joint Decision on the Pricing and Terms of Cooperation.

Now I will tell a little about my Preferences in the work, so that you better understand my creative nature, with which you may have to Cooperate.

Many years of experience as a Photographer allows me to work in many genres of Photography, but like everyone else, there are strong sides and directions in which I prefer to work and develop.

Genres and styles

To your note

Favorite Genres: Street Photography, Portrait and Landscape. I like to shoot the natural Life of People, especially Children, — their pure immediate Emotions and Experiences. Of course, the amazing Love and Family Stories with all their Warmth, Touchingness and Mentality, can not leave me indifferent, and my camera without a Cause.

Corporate, Business, Image and Political Portrait — directions in which it is interesting for me to develop. Well, no doubt, as a Photographer, I can not help but admire the irresistible Beauty and Innocence of the female nude Nature.

A little bit about commerce

Where without it

A couple of words about my attitude to the commercial component of Photography.

In my opinion, the use of Photographs in commercial purposes does not necessarily lead, and should not lead to the ousting of the Art, it all depends on our ability to find Creativity everywhere and in everything, elevating and ennobling in this way our ordinary Life.

So if you need an Art Photography for Business Goals, I think we can find a common language. To my deep Belief, you will not find anything better than Art, in order to express the Value of Thing so Exquisitely and with Virtue and raise the Image of your Brand.

Among other things, I am always open for partnership Cooperation and Participation in creative Projects of completely different Directivity, the main thing is that our Ideas and Values were close in something, similar, or not coincidentally coincide.

To the question of prices

The most important thing

Forced to touch on the Question of Prices, probably the most exciting and burning for All.

I will say at once and straightforwardly that over the years I have learned to really appreciate my work, as well as respect yourself and others, therefore it is quite natural to feel respect and understanding from my Clients.

In addition, each case is individual and unique, it is very absurd to assign abstract prices, especially if it concerns pure Creativity. I can only orient you on the average indicators.

200 $ / hour is the Price immediately during the Shooting time, all the other spent Time and Work are already tied to this Price, except for the separately stipulated Moments, mainly related to moving to another city or Country. The price for the full day of filming is determined in the individual Order.

In other words, the Price is tied to the Time of Shooting, and this has its own Logic, since the more time spent on Shooting, the more time spent on other Actions. And of course, the more you will have at your disposal unforgettable photos.

I am sure of one thing, that under mutual Openness and Trust, we will always find a Solution that will miraculously prove to be the Best, both for you and for me.

Look through my Portfolio, read my humble Appeals to you as potential Partners, and if something happens somewhere in you in a positive way, just call me, everything is solved. In any case, I will be glad to Acquaintance.

More to you in the Life of warm and joyful Moments!

See you!

Your Anri Croizet — Photographer with the Soul of the Photographer.

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